Lilly’s Coconut Biscuits on a rainy Sunday afternoon

Ingredients for Lilly's Coconut BiscuitsCoconut biscuit dough

A rainy Sunday afternoon provided the perfect excuse to get stuck into . Since my copy arrived I have been browsing with interest. There are plenty of recipes I am dying to try out, but as I was working on a whim yesterday I was restricted to whatever I could find in the press.

The wonderfully simple coconut biscuit recipe fit the bill perfectly. All you need is one egg, self-raising flour, coconut, vanilla extract, caster sugar and butter. No trip to the shop necessary. Plus Lilly′s instructions were straightforward enough, mix everything together and put it in the oven (I am paraphrasing), so I felt I could manage that.

According to Lilly this should make 25-30 biscuits. I think I made almost 40, but mine are very light and thin. I could probably afford to make the blobs bigger next time. They are gorgeous, simple and sweet. They made the perfect accompaniment for sipping a coffee and reading the Sunday papers.Coconut biscuits coolingRainy Sunday reading chair with coconut biscuits

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