Mark Ryden’s Pinxit

There are perks to being a book reviewer, no doubt. One of them is receiving large-format samplers of books by artists you’ve fallen in love with.

Interior spread from Pinxit by Mark Ryden. Copyright Mark Ryden/ Courtesy TASCHEN

Last November I visited the Tate Modern and came away clutching a set of Mark Ryden postcards called ‘The Snow Yak Show’. Fast-forward a couple of weeks and I’m meeting with Taschen, while they pitch their way through their (unsurprisingly) impressive catalogue.


Incarnation (No. 100). Copyright Mark Ryden/ Courtesy TASCHEN

The first 50 copies of the Art Edition have already sold out. And at £3,500 a pop that’s not something to be sniffed at. Silkscreen artwork, a hardcover and a beautiful calm-shell box mean Taschen don’t need bloggers to fly their flag. The book contains almost twenty years worth of Ryden’s work and is organised by the themes of his major exhibitions including ‘The Meat Show’ and ‘Bunnies and Bees’

Taschen’s new title includes seven large-scale fold-outs and essays by Yoshitomo Nara*, Carlo McCormick and Kristine McKenna. Ryden’s work is often categorised as a ‘pop surrealist’ for using kitsch images with heavy cultural connotations. I love it because while it initially appears all whimsical and innocent cuteness, something darker and disturbing run riots just beneath the surface.

Love it.

Copyright Mark Ryden/ Courtesy TASCHEN

*You know this guy, he created those odd little angry-looking girls with the weird-shaped heads (see below).




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  1. Mark Best says:

    Glad you like the book :)
    (Belated Happy New Year to you as well)


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