New fantasy series for children 7+

Buying books for kids is difficult, especially if you don’t have kids yourself. Where to start. I used to rely on the crafty shelf headers “Ages 5-7″ or “Children 9+” when directing inquisitive customers…. Book cover for The Secrets of GrindlewoodIn general once a kid passes picture book stage, they’ve lost me until the Young Adult section. Even at that I’m a little out of my depth.  Growing up we had Judy Blume, The Babysitters Club, that creepy animal one, and closer to home,  Martia Conlon-McKenna (Under the Hawthorne Tree anyone? *sob*). Other than that it was slim pickings.

Now though, we are spoiled for choice. Any self-respecting bookshop should have a colourful section bursting with kids books. In recent years, many of those will be authored and illustrated by home-grown talent, bonus!

On that note, may I recommend The Secret of Grindlewood by Jackie Burke. Don’t worry you’re not supposed to know it, it′s new. It′s actually Jackie′s first book, but she′s already working on three more instalments. The Secret of Grindlewood is a fantasy story for children aged 7+ about magical animals Jamie, Jemima, Timber, and Teddy. Relying on the classic narrative of good versus evil, Jackie pits the enchanted Grindles against Worfeus the Warlock.

There′s no point in my blathering on any further, I’m not Jackie′s target audience. Instead, hear from cute 10-year-old Rossa Byrne: “I thought the story was really good because it was exciting and full of adventure. The opening battle is amazing…. There you have it … don’t be stuck the next time someone asks you to recommend a kids book. Or direct them here:

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